Houston Game Fowl


Lacy Roundhead

Breed from a friend he has 7 years with them..when his

main and only broody hen passed away he gave me some

eggs to put in my incubator..out of 15 eggs 13 hatched..from

there he gave me a trio as payment for hatching them..

ever since then i have had this line..these birds are very

beautiful and gentle with me..also very intelligent the male

i have tough to obey certain comands but not to be taken as

a push over he is very agressive towards other birds and even

females that are not of his group..

hens are very tough and just all around bad tempered thick

and heavy girls give large eggs and are great mothers

protective from everything

given a good year they can hatch 4 sets of 7 each..



Brood Hen

New Born Chick