Houston Game Fowl


Morgan Whitehackle

This is the breed which started it all..

started with one male morgan just as a simple pet!!

but after i learned more and more about them i grew more

interested in breeding them..

i searched for breeders from the states and took 2 years to

find the right birds..now i have a set trio

and doing well..still my favorite line..these birds produce

true to their colors always come spangled white pearl leg

straight comb. The only difference in them is some males

produce more white in the hackle neck feathers and some

produce more red or lighter orange-red color..females will

come in a white-light brown color and a dark spangled..will

post pics of females soon once they come out of their brood

pens..also chick pics will be put up to show how at an early

age they start to show their colors


Main Morgan Whitehackle male with a Wine

red feathering


First Son Lighter Red Orange Feathering


New Male hatched from Purchased eggs from

a friend with half blood of my line