Houston Game Fowl


Project Satsumadori

These are a new project line of Satsumadori i obtained from Shamoman a breeder in asil,shamo,phoenix,yokohama..and many other longtails and oriental game fowl including some Amercian game and Show breeds..Satsumadori are very beautiful animals and not easy to obtain..here in the USA there are many who say that none pure bloods or any crosses that carry that blood excist here..some say that there is such breeder but has been cross breeding for years with american games..until its proven right or wrong all the rest can do is try and create these beautiful animals here..many great breeders have tryed and still go strong..i took up this breeding to try and help along and one day hope to import some pure bloods to the states and share this beautiful breed with other longtail and oriental breed lovers..

Photo shown is from Shamoman's BroodCock(photo added and allowed to distribute only for showing purposes by Shamoman himself)respect the images and do not take or claim as your own respect the breeders hard work and dedication..

Shamoman's Project Satusumadori Broodcock


Chicks so far from this animal